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What are we receptive to?
Please just stop for a second and contemplate the things/sorts of people you are usually immediately attracted to.

This topic is so personal again, for we are similar but different…
Should we listen to our hearts or our brains? Maybe the truth is somewhere in between again? But who draws that line for you?

I tend to be receptive to kindness, light, and true compassion.
Have I ever been deceived even through these traits above? Yes. Countless times.
I also tend to have a weakness for people who tend to cause me harm in the end no matter how much I figured that there is no recipe for the perfect relationship of any kind.
One such lesson was that I needed to learn to appreciate myself.
Another one was that no matter how much I love, he might not be mature enough to return it (regardless of age, regardless how physically mature he seemed…)
Then, another one was that I cannot save anyone from himself no matter how hard I try.
Yet another one was that if someone lived a so-called lone wolf life, he would give it up only for a very short time because of the probably overwhelming influence of having me in his life… But that influence will not last for long.
People don’t change: only if they really wish to from the depth of their heart and only if they are truly willing to shake off old feathers and sail away towards unknown waters.

So I fell on the other side of the fence as well by becoming resistant to influence. Fiercly.
Letting life shove me to the other side of this aspect is again far from harmony.
I might have missed people or life events that could have been influential in a really good way.
I am sitting on this side of the fence right now, and yes, even if I am aware of my faults, it is extremely hard to see a way out.

It is so easy to preach that being alone is such a mighty situation when you are wishing for a true life partner who is loving, loyal, caring, and to whom I can reciprocate all these.
Most so-called lone wolves do not aspire to be permanent partners to anyone but themselves.
Their challenge is not to be alone: Their challenge is to stay loyal to someone who they fell in love with, and to be able to share their lives with their lover.

On the other hand, my challenge has been to become a lone wolf for a while. This lrmorphis a true challenge for me which includes becoming capable of handling these two extremes in the title: being able to receive without fearful inhibitions and then being able to resist influence that might be harmful.
I guess it takes a very wise man to be able to handle the tempations of life without falling into its deep and invisible traps first.

The purpose might be to walk this fine line – most of the times – smiling peacefully.

I would be happy to read your comments on the topic.

With love and light,

Silly reference to a certain state of mind that I actually have right now – maybe because of reminiscing as a side effect of this article – below to make you smile a bit 🙂 :