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Deafening screams
Revived kisses
Virtual dreams
Hanging promises

Fantasy lives
Fascinating wishes
Lack of touch
Society’s crutches

Unreal words
Beautiful whispers
No deeds follow                                         24B624C400000578-0-image-a-32_1421321057212
Just more hisses

Angels fall to feel
Earthly physical touches
Yet now you strive to not
Sense your lover’s nudges

The beauty of the flesh:
This physical vessel
More apprehensible through loving touches
Than through shallow wrestle

This earthly life is given
As a divine asset
To embrace existence
With its physical aspect

Psychic crutches help
Only before the minute
When everything you sense
Is just a blurry visage

You could give much more
With real physical presence
Than with beautiful words
That fade in evanescence