the_tree_of_enlightenment2_by_sky_2011-d4axzo1Enlightenment. What do you think it really is?

What I feel, what I sense is that it is a very simple thing – and you are given it just like a gift, a divine present. You can’t reach it by pursuing it just as much as you can’t reach heaven or happiness by pursuing it: it is either given to you by heaven or not.

If you go to the mountains (or deserts) to find it, you might find inner peace but what if life and fate steps in and the noise of the world will disturb it? Is it real inner peace then?

Escaping from the noise of the world is not real enlightenment: when you are satisfied and you have true contentment (or even if you lose it from time to time, you have the key to open that inner door again) among the hardships of life, then you are truly enlightened.

A mother of ten can be – or get – enlightened.

A homeless poor man can be enlightened, and you might not even recognize it.

A simple little child can be enlightened and tell you more about the universe and the world you might have ever dreamed of knowing – without any struggle or pursuit of that knowledge: they have all been given this present from The World of Light.

God bless you all!