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“We keep returning to the same steps and moments of life until every step is worked out perfectly. That is, a certain aspect of your life that you had taken up before birth will come back into your life until you are done with it. But each and every phase of human life is premeditated in Heaven: you never deal with anything on a physical plane that you had not planned to be dealt with in the World of Light.

When still in Heaven, your soul has free will, and can decide the exact order of the life images you are to manifest in the physical realms. You can choose bringing all life-images with you into one life, and start working on all of them approximately at the same time. Then, in your next life, you start working on them where you quit previously. You keep on improving these images of life until they are worked out perfectly.

As for life-images, there are easy ones and there are extremely hard ones that take up a lot of time and several lives to improve and bring to perfection. There are ones with such a level of difficulty that they take up every life to finish them. Therefore, there is no such thing as an easy-breezy physical life: there are pitfalls in every physical life, no matter how easy some might seem.

Thus, the soul can decide the exact order of the images, but cannot change them beforehand, that is, first, it has to start processing them in the physical realm, and cannot choose to start with and already processed image. The improved images stay in the ascended realms until the ones that are still under ‘construction’ reach that level of perfection. Then, the soul starts working on these images again by reflecting to the physical plane – but the work starts from that ascended level now. This is why in the last lives human fates change so suddenly – from one image to the other, that their fate seems almost unpredictable.

Wishing you compassion and understanding,

The Creator, through the manifested words of the Saviour – who has several different names on Earth”