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My Precious Readers,

This post will be a very short one, because I just wished to share a very important teaching from the angels quickly.

Namely, that we all are made up of the light-threads of other souls that we feel really close to. And this is one of the reasons we are never alone.

Every single person that means a lot to you has a shining thread of his/her soul in you, and that is why you connect so easily and beautifully. You carry your beloved inside of you anytime and every time.

This is also why the old twin soul theory is so outdated: you are not a homogeneous mass of light, for you are a beautiful admixture of others who you pre-agreed upon to work together with.

Yes, you are you, unique and never to be made in this special format by God again, but also, you carry others in you dearly.

Please comment and share.

Lost of love,