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Lead from the heart: a spiritual conversation with

Vincent J Kellsey

by Lilla

Part I.

Vincent J Kellsey is one of the most inspiring people of the 21st century: an individual who – in the midst of living his dreams – feels the urge to help others live their dreams, too. Thus, he manifested this mission by establishing companies such as the Quantum Success Group, a company that undertook the task to train the leaders of a brighter future. He wishes to teach them to lead from the heart which enables them to become the leaders the world really needs: leaders that are compassionate, empathetic; leaders whose actions are motivated by real altruism, that is, real love; leaders that first become professional in self-conduct, and then reach out to others.

His book titled Golden Dragon ~ The 8 Secrets: How to Transform Fear Into Power and Lead From the Heart  discusses what he represents, and also works as a practical guide to leaders.

LC: First of all, thank you for offering me the opportunity of making this interview with you. Being a very emotional and sensitive person myself, I am going to tell you what feelings popped up immediately after only a few paragraphs of your writings: enthusiasm, passion. The latter one is exactly what you mentioned in most of your writings: that you would like to awaken passion in people, to make them remember their missions, and become passionate about that. What are you passionate about right now?

VJK: That is a good question, and sometimes I want to answer ‘nothing’, because some days I do not seem to feel passion about anything, part of having done and seen so much in my life. But when I start talking about the need to change the way we operate in the world, for leadership and mastery to emerge from within those called to be of service to the world, to be the 21st century’s knights templar, Golden Dragons, change agents, there is definitely passion. So what am I passionate about now? Transformation: personal, relationship and global transformation.

LC: What were you passionate about when you were a child, what made you happy?

VJK: I loved to draw, read, explore outside, always I have been an adventurer and curious about the world. I loved to find new things, discover what was around the corner, travel, see new places –and that has continued right up until today.

LC: Did you have a certain call towards a vocation or profession at an early age?

VJK: Yes, I was always a storyteller, getting up in front of the room and telling stories, and won a prize for writing a book when I was just 7 years old. Writing and speaking have always been there, always called me.

LC: One of your purposes is to teach people to transform fear into confidence. How are you doing this?

VJK: In my workshops and seminars I give people the opportunity to participate in ’experiential exercises’ that help them to face their fears and see that the fears really have no power, that they only gave them power in their minds. They are able to then take these experiences and the lessons from them and apply them to other areas of their lives where they have been holding back out of fear, taking new actions with confidence that get them new results.

LC: Leaders of our age have usually been feared for various reasons.  Also, many leaders are known to have abused their powers. Are you discussing moral values with your trainees? What are the main criteria you go along?

VJK: Absolutely. The core of the training I do with leaders is about the concept of being what I call a Golden Dragon. In Chinese mythology, dragons are not creatures to be feared, creatures of destruction as in the west, but rather creatures of the elements, of harmony, of balance, healing, wisdom and power. And the greatest of all of these dragons is the Golden Dragon. It epitomizes the truest leadership possible, leadership from the heart. Leadership based in the highest service to mankind and the planet. A Golden Dragon symbolizes power, wealth, sagacity, courage and strength – it is the symbol of transformation, of creative power, and of life force itself.  These are the leaders the worlds needs today, and my goal is to empower them with tools of transformation, to help them align with their own deepest mission and vision for the life they have on this planet at this time, the legacy they wish to leave behind, and to have the support of millions of other leaders around the world in community and co-creation – the Golden Dragon Global Network – transformational leaders and entrepreneurs who believe that money and business should serve the triple bottom line of planet and people before profit- and who create business that not only make millions, but make those millions by making the world a better place.

LC: Do you weave spirituality into your teachings?

VJK: Yes, the core of everything I teach is about leading from the heart, which is not about the emotional heart we most often associate with romantic love, but rather the heart of wisdom, the heart of power, that connection to source, God, universe, whatever you want to call it – but acting from that place in all we do so that our actions are motivated from Love rather than from fear. I also teach tools so that we can lead from a place of being centered, calm, peaceful, but not ungrounded and in the clouds as many followers of a spiritual path can sometimes be.  So I guess in essence I weave the need for real world spirituality, having your soul tethered to God but anchored on earth.

LC: What is your relationship to God like? How do you perceive God?

VJK: To me God is everything, the essence of love, life, music, nature, simply everything. And God has two sides, light and dark. The idea of the devil, of Satan, is simply the dark side of God. If we look inside ourselves, we also have two sides, the light and the dark. So rather than feeling like I am failing or giving into ’evil’ if I am not acting in a positive manner, I simply know that I have chosen to be in the dark side of God – and sometimes that is ok – and as soon as I am able I shift myself to the light side again as that seems to be the most productive place to be for me.

LC: Have you always been spiritual or did it develop later in your life? Was there a trigger factor?

VJK: I have always been spiritual, I just did not know what it was. I never found comfort or solace in Church, even as a child, but I did find it in nature, in being alone and communing with that spirit.

In my early twenties I was blessed to be exposed to many different teachings from around the world, and so to discover what my own spirituality was and how it fit my worldview. It has not changed much over twenty years, perhaps all that has changed is I believe even more in my own connection to God and less in anything anyone else has to say on the matter.

LC: Have you ever lost faith?

VJK: Absolutely. In fact, a year and a half ago I had an experience where I completely lost faith, where I decided that all that was ’real’ was what I saw in front of me, and that all spirituality was simply a crutch to help us deal with the fact that life is simply a hard terrifying place to be and we need to make up stories to not go insane with fear or jealousy or anger at our lives. It was the hardest place I have ever been, inside or out.

LC: You also mentioned a time of your life when you were depressed, and that you went through many hardships before pulling yourself out of your own dark pit. What was it that made you decide to stand up and make the first step towards the radiating person you are now?

VJK: Truthfully it was anger. I said earlier that God has two sides, light and dark- I had lost faith in the light and all that saved me was tapping into the power of the dark side of God. I was so depressed and had so lost hope in anything that I felt powerless to change. It was not until a ’friend’ did something that made me so angry that I literally wanted to do him harm more than anything- that I was able to tap into a reserve of strength fueled by the anger. I made a decison that I would succeed in my life no matter what just to spite him, and so I did.

LC: How can you connect leadership with spirituality?

VJK: How could I not? True leadership is not leadership without spirituality. Without it, it becomes dictatorship, power over others, and control.  Leadership is about being an example to others of what they can be or become, leadership is about service, about making the world better, safer, and about inspiring and helping others to step up to leadership-and if they become better leaders than you, to be happy and grateful that you have helped another step up to own their deepest authentic power and be of service.  Only if you are connected to a deeper spirituality can you lead from this place, because then you are leading from the heart- the heart connected to God and Love.

LC: You mentioned in one of our conversations that you have had experiences with the so-called ’twinsoul’ phenomenon. How did you find out about the notion ’twinsoul’?

VJK: I had first heard the concept back in my twenties when I was searching for answers and to find my own spirituality. I have since seen the concept many times and from many different sources.

LC: Could you expand on your such encounters?

VJK: I have had experiences of meeting a  ’twinsoul’, in my own life,  and although I have been  in many relationships, the experience has really only happened to me twice. I can not say much more on the matter, except that I do not believe that we only have one twinsoul in this life, but that we have many, and that as we do our own inner work and growth and allow ourselves to become who we really are, to live there in our own power – these meetings become easier and faster.

LC: Have you ever felt angelic assistance in your life?

VJK: I cannot honestly say that it was angelic assistance, but I do believe there has been ’something’ watching over me and guiding me at times in my life.

LC: Can you feel their presence?

VJK: I do feel something around us all the time, but I am more inclined to call it the force, or the matrix, or the energy net, or the mass consciousness than angelic presence. However after all it is only a label anyway on something we cannot measure, so it might as well be angelic presence as anything else.

LC: Would you like to communicate with this force?

VJK: I believe that we do communicate with this force, angels, whatever we want to call it when we pray, meditate, get really quiet and let answers come into our minds. ’They’ are always wanting to communicate with us, the challenge is that many people only pray or ask, and never actually stop their asking to listen for an answer. Communication is a two way street. When we ask for an answer, it will always come.

LC: Do you think it important to be able to communicate with the World of Light, in other words, Heaven?

VJK: I think it is important to be able to communicate with our higher self, our guidance from above or within or whereever you think it comes from, and if you want to call it World of Light or Heaven, then we can call it that, and yes, it is important because it keeps us connected to something more than ourselves, and it gives us not only answers and guidance, but often peace and solace.

LC: Making the world a better place, betterment seem to be really important to you. What would you say if you heard from the angels – or from that ’force’ – that human kind has volunteered for this exact project, that is, to make the Earth a better place?

VJK: I would say ’Hallelujah!’.  And I would also say that we have been doing a damn poor job of it and better get on the ball, before we drop that ball and get kicked out of the playground.

LC: Have you ever met a medium or psychic?

VJK: First off I will say that I believe we are all psychic, it is simply a sense we need to learn to use – but that there are those who are more strongly attuned and practiced in using this sense, and those we call psychics or mediums, so yes, I have met them and work with them.  In my book, I talk about the theory of connectivity, and explain that I believe this is how a person who does a psychic reading for another can not only do it, but often be very accurate, is because we are all connected in that big web, matrix, energy field, heaven, whatever it is called. We are all one- and so you can see my timeline, I yours, etc.

LC: If you decided to meet a medium, what non-personal question would you ask?

VJK: Honestly? What ARE those damn winning lottery numbers anyway??? I guess that is a  personal question after all, but I am not above being selfish.

LC: What would you expect from a medium to be like, what would authenticity mean to you in this sense?

VJK:I think there are fakers and scam artists and people who mean well but do more damage than help in any field, and this one is no different. I would do what I would tell anyone else to do – if you cannot trust your own inner guidance and need to seek it out from someone else – then at least trust your gut when it tells you whether to trust this person or not. It is a sense you have and your birthright, and will not steer you wrong if you trust it.

LC: What topics would you inquire about from the World of Light in connection with your ongoing projects?

VJK: I would simply ask to keep getting the ’signs’ that I am on the right track with my work whenever I get down or tired or want to give up.  And if you want to send me a little help that would be cool, I am getting tired of playing alone in the sandbox.

Part II.

Being a philologist who works with a Hungarian angel medium, Julianna, during the process of the interview, I had the idea to make a second part including what ‘the force’ answered to his questions. After receiving his consent to create such a part, we had the following conversation:

LC: You mentioned that we, mankind, have been doing a ‘damn poor job’ of the project to elevate the Earth. The teachings I was given by these beings of light – whom you can name as you wish: angels, devas, superhuman beings, force, names don’t matter at all – told me that Earth was in a much darker phase before human kind started their project, and that the human induced demolition is part of this project, even if it is frightening. Thus, even if most people seem to aggravate environmental issues, they are part of the big picture. Also, they added that there is a constant control over the amount of darkness that is sent in this world, that is, part of their role is to balance the amount of light and darkness. How does this sound to you?

VJK: It sounds accurate actually. I am totally willing to believe there is more to the picture than we see, and often what looks like destruction is simply the other side of creation, as darkness is the other side of light. In my work, I have seen that almost always a real true breakthrough that leads to transformation is preceded by some kind of breakdown, destruction in someone’s life as it were in the form of relationships ending, jobs being lost, health challenges, etc. I have also seen a rapid rise in the consciousness of people and even my call to do my work would not be there without the catalyst of the destruction happening on a global scale.

LC: Would you be interested in what they reacted to your answers? By ‘they’ I usually mean the angels.

VJK: Absolutely. Yes, I understood that as I have a very good friend – who ‘they’ speak to as well – who operates as a psychic intuitive. And I have had several turning points in my life that were guided by advice from those who the ‘angels’ spoke to.

LC: They repeated that we are here to work darkness out of the Earth, and to lift it up to a higher dimension that can be called Heaven. Mankind is not rushing towards its own extinction, they said, although it does seem like it. The global warming, for instance, is a natural cycle of the planet, and it is not human induced. The planet needs to get warmer to get more prolific.

Also, they mentioned that you actually can hear them even if you don’t necessarily know of it in a conscious way. Many things you say are their messages.

VJK: They speak to me in dreams. And I simply ‘download’ information. This ‘calling’ I have is from …well…them, I guess.  Many years ago in one dream when one of them came to me, they told me that the planet would be undergoing very drastic changes, that many people would die but that is ok, because we have all agreed to it beforehand, and that it would get darker for awhile, but the world will be a much better place after.

LC: In the first part of the interview, you mentioned that sometimes you feel as if you were playing alone in the sandbox, especially when you are tired, and that you would be glad to be given some signs from the Light then. They went on with the sandbox metaphor: the sandbox you are playing in cannot be accessed by many, that is why you sometimes feel alone in there. According to them, this sandbox is very important, and everybody on Earth needs a grain of sand of it. You are the one that can provide others with that essential grain of sand that motivates them to go on, that makes them remember who they are and what they are here for.

VJK: It makes sense – I recently played this question in an email that came around – to see if you think like 98% of humanity or the 2% who think differently. I was in the 2%. I have actually literally walked the beach years ago crying out to God asking ‘why did (they) give this to me?’. Why do I have this calling and feel so powerless to make it happen? And much of the darkness I went through in the last couple of years was to strengthen me to do this work, to carry the weight of being alone in the sandbox, and to hand out the sand. And a relationship I really wanted to hold on ended…but someone new came into my life – someone who wants to be in the sandbox with me.

LC: They asked me to let you know that you are doing what you came here for, and are on the perfect path, on your right track, but this is not flattery, for they could tell you things that would be astonishing to you, things that, perhaps, you would not agree with. So this is not smooth talk. They do not only convey messages that people would like to hear. They are asking you to continue your journey, to continue what you are doing (which, they added, you will continue), for – as your heart is constantly telling you – this is your mission. No matter the hardships you might encounter, you must go on with this.

VJK: Thank you. Thank ‘them’.

LC: You are very welcome, and I will thank them on your behalf. Thank you for your time.

VJK: My pleasure.