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The most popular topic of all times, thus, the most difficult one to discuss. For love should not really be discussed at all: it should be lived, felt, breathed in, breathed out.

Love is art. Love is air. Love is eternal. Love is light. Love is pain. Love is delight. Love is affliction. Love is the music of the spheres that fills your ears irresistibly. Love is the non-plus-ultra.

Love can lift you up and throw you down. Love can build you up and tear you down.

Love is never selfish.

Some of these are cliches, I admit. Nevertheless, they are true. For love has endless aspects and it plays the most important role in everybody’s life.

Even if I think that love is to be shown and felt, and not discussed, I feel the urge to contemplate upon it here, for the main topic of my blog is Heaven. Heaven is the place where love is unconditional and as natural as air to us on Earth.

On the other hand, love in Heaven also includes the wish to sacrifice ourselves – the earthly personas – for God. Which means that this aspect induces the darker side of love on Earth. For everyone of us had taken up some amount of darkness to work it out and transform it to light.
Therefore, the dark side of love is already present in Paradise even if we don’t feel it there, and we have to be born on Earth to experience it from the inside.

There is one message I am trying to convey here – and through my blog – as well, even if I might not be popular with it until people can understand thoroughly what I mean by it: that we need to learn to embrace our darker sides.

There are not many teachings that encourage you to embrace your flaws and darkness. You are told to eliminate your ego, to repent, to think positively, to smile, to forget your problems, and yes, of course, to live in the present. But can you live in the present if the only thing you did is to hide your darker side?

I will go on with this. Can you heal yourself if you are not willing to communicate – and be united – with the whole of you? Can you become shinier and lighter if you just try to forget what is painful without willing to work on it and work it out of yourself?

This is why I would recommend the teachings of Heaven’s entities I received. They are in obvious contrast with the honey-glazed emptiness that today’s popular spiritual teachings offer: these entities teach you to embrace the whole of yourself, to respect yourself, and also, they give you hints how to work on the darkness you had taken up.

For first you need to accept who you are, and before being able to accept it you need to be aware of who you are – which means knowing of your inner treasures and your inner struggles. If you have a sharp picture of who you are, then you can start the journey of self-elevation.

As I mentioned before, we are God’s crusaders in the best sense of the word. The angels keep telling me how deeply they respect human kind for what they have volunteered for. For they work with God and for God, but they are in a constant state of bliss, whereas human beings had taken up the enormity of sinking into darkness and working their ways out of it towards and into the Light.

Love is the utmost fuel for life. Love is the candle lit for you when you cannot see a way out. But you have to find love inside of you first to be able to be that candle for anyone.