A very simple word with lots of emotional upheaval behind.

One of my first questions when I encountered the teachings of the Bible was that why is it that God lets us suffer. Why is it that whenever I am in pain – any kind of pain, and in any level of pain – he never appears in person to cut my sufferings. Why is it that people die of several versions of physical – and emotional – distress? What is the reason behind them – if there is any?

If Jesus Christ died on the cross for us – and took away our sins – why is it that there are millions of people sinning more and more, and even more millions that suffer from the so-called sinners?

There has to be something tricky with this, for it does not seem to apply for life as such.

I do believe that Jesus Christ was an exceptional being – and I do believe that he is the Almighty who manifested on Earth.

What I don’t believe is that many of the teachings deriving from his existence could remain pure and true. For, what is getting more and more obvious is that these teachings were blurred and altered according to the era and the rulers that had the power and opportunity to touch them.

So what with all this pain stuff?

According to the angels pain is just another form of working out and reforming weak energy. That is, we had volunteered for it – every version of it – and we are to cope with it. If we die during coping, then that was meant to be.

For, according to angels, we have a bouquet of blueprints premeditated and written way before our lives on Earth. We had taken up a whole group of lives – with a certain specialty or major (just like in schools) – and we are manifesting these blueprints by living our physical lives.

Those blueprints do contain every single suffering you have experienced so far – or might experience later.

Does this comfort you? Maybe not. For even if we are aware, we have to go on with our afflictions.

On the other hand, it might help to think of the big picture. For the angels say that all these tasks we had taken up ages before being born here have the purpose of cleansing, elevating, and improving planet Earth. We are God’s heavenly crusaders in its best sense.