Fragrance of Elysium



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A poem I wrote today. Click on the picture. Twice. 🙂



The Twelve Sets of Twin Characteristics – The Golden Balance – II: Receptivity vs. Resistance to Influence



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What are we receptive to?
Please just stop for a second and contemplate the things/sorts of people you are usually immediately attracted to.

This topic is so personal again, for we are similar but different…
Should we listen to our hearts or our brains? Maybe the truth is somewhere in between again? But who draws that line for you?

I tend to be receptive to kindness, light, and true compassion.
Have I ever been deceived even through these traits above? Yes. Countless times.
I also tend to have a weakness for people who tend to cause me harm in the end no matter how much I figured that there is no recipe for the perfect relationship of any kind.
One such lesson was that I needed to learn to appreciate myself.
Another one was that no matter how much I love, he might not be mature enough to return it (regardless of age, regardless how physically mature he seemed…)
Then, another one was that I cannot save anyone from himself no matter how hard I try.
Yet another one was that if someone lived a so-called lone wolf life, he would give it up only for a very short time because of the probably overwhelming influence of having me in his life… But that influence will not last for long.
People don’t change: only if they really wish to from the depth of their heart and only if they are truly willing to shake off old feathers and sail away towards unknown waters.

So I fell on the other side of the fence as well by becoming resistant to influence. Fiercly.
Letting life shove me to the other side of this aspect is again far from harmony.
I might have missed people or life events that could have been influential in a really good way.
I am sitting on this side of the fence right now, and yes, even if I am aware of my faults, it is extremely hard to see a way out.

It is so easy to preach that being alone is such a mighty situation when you are wishing for a true life partner who is loving, loyal, caring, and to whom I can reciprocate all these.
Most so-called lone wolves do not aspire to be permanent partners to anyone but themselves.
Their challenge is not to be alone: Their challenge is to stay loyal to someone who they fell in love with, and to be able to share their lives with their lover.

On the other hand, my challenge has been to become a lone wolf for a while. This lrmorphis a true challenge for me which includes becoming capable of handling these two extremes in the title: being able to receive without fearful inhibitions and then being able to resist influence that might be harmful.
I guess it takes a very wise man to be able to handle the tempations of life without falling into its deep and invisible traps first.

The purpose might be to walk this fine line – most of the times – smiling peacefully.

I would be happy to read your comments on the topic.

With love and light,

Silly reference to a certain state of mind that I actually have right now – maybe because of reminiscing as a side effect of this article – below to make you smile a bit 🙂 :

Deafening whispers



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Deafening screams
Revived kisses
Virtual dreams
Hanging promises

Fantasy lives
Fascinating wishes
Lack of touch
Society’s crutches

Unreal words
Beautiful whispers
No deeds follow                                         24B624C400000578-0-image-a-32_1421321057212
Just more hisses

Angels fall to feel
Earthly physical touches
Yet now you strive to not
Sense your lover’s nudges

The beauty of the flesh:
This physical vessel
More apprehensible through loving touches
Than through shallow wrestle

This earthly life is given
As a divine asset
To embrace existence
With its physical aspect

Psychic crutches help
Only before the minute
When everything you sense
Is just a blurry visage

You could give much more
With real physical presence
Than with beautiful words
That fade in evanescence

The Twelve Sets of Twin Characteristics – The Golden Balance – I: Keeping silent – Talking



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Two extremes, none are healthy in excess.
There have always been people who devoted their lives to keeping silent: Monks, 5785956139_92d5b14bd8_b majk-600x400for instance, the Carmelites and the Camaldolese. The latter’s sacred silence was left behind very close to the place I live: They lived in the monasteries of Majk. When you walk there, you can feel the sacredness: Their work on elevating the vibration of the place is still lingering there after centuries.
If we, everyday people try silence, it might seem very hard to keep. It also depends on your nature, for to me keeping silent is not hard, being very introspective by nature. However, I can imagine a very talkative, chit-chatty person’s utter struggle with this.
As for its benefits: there are many ancient sayings praising silence, hinting how protective it is, how useful it can be. Most people can do much harm with words, and with talking too much without using a contemplative and mindful inner filter.

On the other hand, if you keep silent even when in need of communication, it will cause harm almost inevitably. Just think of how many sorts of relationships have already been ruined by the lack of it.

Now let us check the other side: talking.
If you learn to use your words beautifully and wisely, talking will become your extremely powerful means of putting things in order in every walk of life. Relationships are mostly based on proper communication, and the verbal part is crucial as well, even if the non-verbal is more revealing and harder to control.

I love Jesus’ words that are so relevant to the topic: “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.” (Matthew 15:11)

Please tell me what you think.

God bless you all,

The Twelve Sets of Twin Characteristics – The Golden Balance




During my journey back home to Hungary I have found one of the greatest books of my spiritual searches: Elizabeth Haich’s Initiation.

I highly recommend reading it, for it does contain some crucial spiritual findings, and it is also a pretty good read.

There are a lot of things that I have been contemplating ever since I bought the book, but the twelve sets of twin characteristics are the most intriguing ones of all. These are not referring to, neither are in connection with, twin souls: They are characteristics of life as follows:

keeping silent — talking
receptivity — resistance to influence
obeying — ruling
humility — self confidence
lightning-like speed — circumspection
to accept everything — to be able to differentiate
ability to fight — peace
caution — courage
to possess nothing — to command everything
to have no ties — loyalty
contempt for death — regard for life
indifference — love

To put it simply, the trick is that you are to find the GOLDEN BALANCE between any extremes of these. Now, that is hard, My Friends.

I would love to read what you think of these, I would love to read your results of contemplation.

My next posts will expand upon these with possible personal stories.

God Bless You All!


The Golden Balance

Daily motivation 15.



the_tree_of_enlightenment2_by_sky_2011-d4axzo1Enlightenment. What do you think it really is?

What I feel, what I sense is that it is a very simple thing – and you are given it just like a gift, a divine present. You can’t reach it by pursuing it just as much as you can’t reach heaven or happiness by pursuing it: it is either given to you by heaven or not.

If you go to the mountains (or deserts) to find it, you might find inner peace but what if life and fate steps in and the noise of the world will disturb it? Is it real inner peace then?

Escaping from the noise of the world is not real enlightenment: when you are satisfied and you have true contentment (or even if you lose it from time to time, you have the key to open that inner door again) among the hardships of life, then you are truly enlightened.

A mother of ten can be – or get – enlightened.

A homeless poor man can be enlightened, and you might not even recognize it.

A simple little child can be enlightened and tell you more about the universe and the world you might have ever dreamed of knowing – without any struggle or pursuit of that knowledge: they have all been given this present from The World of Light.

God bless you all!


Daily motivation 14.


Earthly life is premeditated way before it is manifested.

Many invisible hands are helping (or squeezing) you to go along your path. You are never alone, like it or not.

We do get the illusion of seclusion, and some suffer from it a lot, and there are many who desire it.

Solitude is serene and sublime when you choose it and it is not forced upon you.

However, we are built up of tiny little soul-cells of those whom we have always worked with, and whom we have always loved: our soul siblings and soul twins are there, right there inside of us. We do have our core – our unique entity – too, but the colours and stripes of others are inseparable from our existence.

Thus, the illusion of being alone is merely an illusion, maybe, the greatest one.

Daily motivation 13.



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Earthly life is an illusion. It all depends on your inner mirror what you actually see. Some see it fast, some see it slow. Some go high, some go low.

And there are some who go both ways on the very same day, and are able survive, and stay sane. The possibilities are endless, and love is the most powerful transforming force.


Daily motivation 12.


Art by Victoria Frances

Art by Victoria Frances

There is no recipe for finding real love. Oh, yes, you have to be able to give it first… True. But your ability to give does not guarantee immediate success.

Then, as it usually happens, you pursue it – possibly without any depth leaving broken hearts behind – , or you might want to shun it, you might wish to find that One and Only that can really last but… since predestination prevails, it happens only if you included it in your plan. If you did, you premeditated it with that One and Only way before your earthly life, and that magic encounter happens countless times in your countless earthly lives with Him/Her.

Also, the so-called instructions for a good partnership are built in you – and you feel it deep inside of you – if you are to experience bliss in that field of life. Thus, it is worth the patience and all the inner struggles in the end.

Daily motivation 4.



Earthly life is premeditated in The World of Light. Live it with faith. No heavier burden is given to you that you could carry – even if it seems so countless times.

And in the end, you enter The World of Light again – which is always where you are, only the physical veil hinders you from perceiving it all the time.

The human being’s divine work



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“We keep returning to the same steps and moments of life until every step is worked out perfectly. That is, a certain aspect of your life that you had taken up before birth will come back into your life until you are done with it. But each and every phase of human life is premeditated in Heaven: you never deal with anything on a physical plane that you had not planned to be dealt with in the World of Light.

When still in Heaven, your soul has free will, and can decide the exact order of the life images you are to manifest in the physical realms. You can choose bringing all life-images with you into one life, and start working on all of them approximately at the same time. Then, in your next life, you start working on them where you quit previously. You keep on improving these images of life until they are worked out perfectly.

As for life-images, there are easy ones and there are extremely hard ones that take up a lot of time and several lives to improve and bring to perfection. There are ones with such a level of difficulty that they take up every life to finish them. Therefore, there is no such thing as an easy-breezy physical life: there are pitfalls in every physical life, no matter how easy some might seem.

Thus, the soul can decide the exact order of the images, but cannot change them beforehand, that is, first, it has to start processing them in the physical realm, and cannot choose to start with and already processed image. The improved images stay in the ascended realms until the ones that are still under ‘construction’ reach that level of perfection. Then, the soul starts working on these images again by reflecting to the physical plane – but the work starts from that ascended level now. This is why in the last lives human fates change so suddenly – from one image to the other, that their fate seems almost unpredictable.

Wishing you compassion and understanding,

The Creator, through the manifested words of the Saviour – who has several different names on Earth”